Our Mission

 At Team 11 Lacrosse we have one mission: To provide all players with the most elite level of instructional training. Our staff includes some of the best current & former collegiate & professional players in the game today, as well as some of the most renowned coaches within the lacrosse community. We promote a family atmosphere and expect our coaching staff, players, and parents to act with integrity and respect. Lastly, we hope the Team 11 experience is more than just a lacrosse experience, but will provide the players with life tools they can carry with them into college and beyond.  

-Coach Joey Sankey

Team 11 Lacrosse and Staff Testimonials

"Family Atmosphere"

"Team 11 has been a revelation for my son and our family.   A club that delivers on it's promise of excellent coaching, a family atmosphere and great communication." 

"Parents & Players"

“Team 11 has been an awesome experience for my son and my family.  We have 4 kids who all play club sports (3 have played club lacrosse) and the coaching staff with Team 11 has been outstanding!  The boys had a blast and the parents enjoyed themselves too!  A great family atmosphere where the boys improved tremendously both as individuals and as a team.”


 “Thanks to the Team 11 staff, our son’s lacrosse skills have improved immensely.  In addition, he has shown tremendous growth in leadership skills, personal accountability and commitment to excellence.  We are very satisfied with our entire family’s Team 11 experience.”   


 “Best development and fun of any sports year our son has gone through.  We could not have imagined a better experience than Team11 Sankey lacrosse!”          

"Experience As Promised"

"As a parent of a high school aged lacrosse player, I've experienced many clubs that promised a family atmosphere and individual attention. Team 11 and the Sankey family are the first ones to actually deliver on that promise.  They have created an environment where my son's skill level not only improved dramatically, but so has his motivation to work because he is having fun again. It has been a pleasure to watch him grow as a lacrosse player and an athlete, and I would highly recommend joining the Sankey family."

"Sankey Family"

"If you are looking for an offensive lacrosse coach to help your son increase his shooting skills, create more scoring opportunities for himself and his teammates, and finish from anywhere inside of the box, then there is no one that I would recommend more highly than the Sankey Family. They are amazing young men and is EVERYTHING that is right about sports and coaching today.”